Pacific North West

It has been three months since I graduated from RAIS. Outside of GMP I've had 3 paid gig and 4 unpaid ones. Applied and denied of a full time position. ACing on Shayne's short (finally happening) and DPing on yet another unpaid episode. 

Since then I've also spent ten days in BC with my parents to get the keys to our new home in Port Moody. The neighbour is lovely. Although there were a few things that needed taken care of I think the bulk of it has been solved. The renovation is happening now and it should be done in a month or so. 

This has been a thought that I've had in the back of my mind but I have been putting it of on making a decision. Since my parents have a place in BC now, where the most opportunities for the film industry are, and I have yet to find a stable income here which can sustain me living independently the choice was obvious. It was a matter of making the decision and spreading the word. For most of my friends this was easy. But alas it was done and now I look forward to living in BC, the Pacific Northwest, the West Coast Best Coast...

The thoughts of finally moving to a big city where things can happen have kept me awake on many nights. There are activities I can do, communities to join, foods to eat, places to travel, services to enjoy all year round. There never will be a dull moment. And when it is dull, perhaps I will find someone I rather spend my time with than playing video games in the basement. The possibilities are endless!

 Just writing about this is sending my mind into outer space. But I mustn't get carried away in play and forget to begin my career. It will be an interesting new chapter to find a work-play balance while in the sanctuary of my home and my family. In January, sister, mother and I will be back home to check upon the completed renovation and start moving things in. Setting things up such as insurance and utilities and vehicle to be all ready in place. Preparing for March when mother and sister will officially move in and June for me. 

There are much to plan and ideas to share with you my dear diary. But before that I will leave with you these photographs of my new homestead. Until then, as quoted from an introduction film made in 1945 by US Office of War Information;

"C'mon child of the north west, there's work to do!"